Unique gifts that are inspired by nature with an artistic touch.

To me jewelry is like a tattoo... if it's a good piece it has a story behind it, it has meaning or it represents a special moment. A great piece of jewelry should describe you and feel special not something everyone else has. It should represent your personality, what's on the inside. It should describe you without you having to say anything. It should be something you treasure not just wear and toss in a draw. It should work with your body like paint on a canvas. It should stir up conversation. I strive to make jewelry that fill those purposes.

Run 2 the Wild began long ago when I first stepped in the grass with my bare feet and squished the soil between my toes. Nature had inspired me and in 2011 I decided to share my love with others who hungered the same desire to be in the wild.

Nature has always been a cure for me in the best and worst of times. It's easy in today's world to forget about what the wild provides us. This shop was created to inspire and remind others of the special gift of life which exists out of love.

Our products make great gifts for any loved one. Our attention to detail and unique one of a kind designs ensure that who ever receives it feels inspired and most importantly special.

Run 2 the Wild's purpose is to make YOU feel special. To remind us of the simple everyday beauty in our lives and that nature is our precious, everlasting gift from the world. We strive to make moments meaningful, products that have life to them.

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